‘Not only is Josie a wonderfully creative and a versatile illustrator, but she is also always extremely professional, well-organised, timely and helpful. It is rare to find all these qualities in an illustrator, and it made for a very smooth and enjoyable project. I commissioned Josie to create an illustrated map of the Royal Gardens at Highgrove, a piece that needed to be beautiful and accurate, and could be adapted to work on different product formats.

Josie is incredibly talented, a wonderful artist, but also she was always very organised, professional and efficient. Josie responded quickly to my requests, hit all the required deadlines and accepted any feedback readily whilst always being positive and enthusiastic about the project. It is not always the case that an illustrator is both creative and commercial, but Josie definitely is both. The resulting range proved extremely popular with our customers and the number of lines was extended as a result. I would love to get the opportunity to work with Josie again.’ 

– Royal Gardens at Highgrove

‘Josie’s exquisite eye for detail, superb use of colour, and intricate pattern work, have really brought our book to life. She is a fantastic creative, a pleasure to work with, and is always extremely professional and friendly.’

– Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

‘Josie is a highly talented artist and illustrator who effortlessly combines her creative talent with a deep understanding of the commercial world to produce work that’s always absolutely on point for our audiences. We’ve also learnt so much from Josie’s visionary and strategic approach to the stand-out exhibitions she’s created for our international audiences on Carnaby Street – it’s just a joy to work with her at every level!’

– Alice Mayor, Founder – We Built This City

Josie’s talent as an artist is truly exceptional. Her art style is unique and absolutely beautiful, featuring intricate details that bring each image to life. I have worked with her for a few years now and have produced 5 jigsaw puzzles featuring her work and have more in the pipeline. 

Beyond her remarkable artistic ability, Josie is also a joy to work with. She is incredibly efficient and always meets deadlines, making the entire process of creating a puzzle a breeze. Her communication is clear and prompt, and she takes the time to understand exactly what her clients need in order to deliver the best possible product.

In my experience, working with Josie has been an absolute pleasure. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craft shine through in every puzzle she creates. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is looking for a truly talented artist who is also easy and efficient to work with. Thank you, Josie, for your incredible work!

– Gibsons

‘Spectacularly beautiful… We’re absolutely in love with Josie’s artwork and this book wouldn’t be the beauty it is without Josie’s amazing time and dedication.’

– Commissioning Editor, Children’s Non-fiction Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

‘Josie has created a design that not only interprets our site beautifully but presents it in a whole new light.  Her professionalism and passion for design together with great versatility make her a joy to work with.’

– The Roman Baths, Bath 

‘Josie has a unique hand-writing; her illustrations are detailed and fascinating. When approaching the brief for the British Museum she cleverly worked with the building and objects fitting them into a cohesive design which is inventive and commercial. Her communication is very professional and clear… It has been a pleasure to work with Josie.’

– British Museum

‘Few artists can balance the path between creating incredible work and developing a creative business. It takes a great deal of imagination and trust to collaborate with a brand partner.  Josie approached our projects with an open mind and willingness to try new things thus extending the reach of her personal vision.’

– Anthropologie

‘A wonderful piece of illustration.’

– John Murrays

‘Josie Shenoy has done a brilliant job in capturing the exuberance and vibrancy of the wildlife in the book… I particularly love her fluid, gambolling otters and bounding water deer… her design is at the same time classic and yet up-to-the-minute. The palette of colours is subtle and clever.’

– Brett Westwood, author of Wonderland: A Year of Britain’s Wildlife, Day by Day

‘Josie’s beautifully illustrated cards are firm favourites among our customers… We love her work!’

– Somerset House

‘Josie illustrated to our brief perfectly, enabling us to develop a beautiful and commercial range. Her unique style meant that she encompassed IWM London, telling the story of the museum itself and the personal stories with it.’

– Imperial War Museum