Josie was commissioned by the British Museum to create an exclusive range of illustrated souvenirs. The design highlights the British Museum’s famous facade along with a few of their most famous objects.

Exhibits such as the Rosetta Stone, Blue-glazed shabti of the Pharaoh Seti, Gayer-Anderson Cat and stone lion sit alongside some of London’s iconic buildings and well-known attractions. The lotus flower was chosen to frame the illustration due to its powerful association with various ancient cultures. Josie’s design has continued to perform as a best-selling range for the museum with more products added annually to the range.

‘Josie’s illustrations are detailed and fascinating and she has unique hand-writing. When approaching the brief for the British Museum she cleverly worked with the building and objects, fitting them into a cohesive design which is inventive and commercial. Her communication is very professional and clear and it has been a pleasure to work with Josie.’

– British Museum

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