My childhood memories are all rich with the motifs and animals of the Panchatantra, a vast collection of Indian animal fables. The Elephant Parade print features flora and fauna of India, including the Indian elephant, marigolds, jasmine, cotton flower and karonda, of which the fruits are used in pickles.

Elephant Parade forms part of my Kaleidoscope collection, bringing together exquisitely drawn animals and foliage, which are then elegantly positioned to create enchanting kaleidoscopic patterns. Scroll through the designs to see the full range of illustrations.

The full range of Kaleidoscope prints is available to buy here. 

The Kaleidoscope collection is also available as a popular greeting card range, with metallic details in gold, silver and iridescent textured foils. if you have a shop or gallery and would like to stock them, please visit my Trade page.